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NEIPA - All Together IPA



Stats are unavailable for this brew.

More Stats

  • Final Gravity: 1.016
  • Final Estimated ABV: 4.73%
  • Priming temperature: 15°C
  • Priming solution (for 18L at 2.5 carbonation level): 99g table sugar / 500ml water

Work Notes

  • More hops was used since provider gave me more… (Recipe have been adjusted accordingly)
  • Configured the Grainfather for a 19L batch size … (I think I should have use a bigger batch size to reduce head space in fermenter)
  • Pay attention to beginning of fermentation… krausen tends to get huge
  • Dry-hopped on October 31 at around 11:35
  • Started outdoor (5.0°C) cold crash on November 4th at around 8:00 for 24h
  • Probably used to much sugar in the priming solution. Bottles were way to fizzy…