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NEIPA - All Together IPA - Second Batch



Stats are unavailable for this brew.

Work Notes

  • Took long time before starting fermenting… around 24h. Probably under pitched and startup temperature too low.
  • Drop of data 1: Couple hours after starting fermenting, around 4AM, pressure built and pushed the airlock away along with bunch of foam. Put a quick blowoff in place
  • Drop of data 2: Around 7AM, modified the blowoff so that it can be used along with airlock to gather stats and reuse CO2 in case of suckoff. This will be a matter of a separate post.
  • Drop of data 3: Couple of hours after fixing the blowoff things, Plaato airlock failed due to a non-waterproof issue. Tried to fix it, we’ll see how long it works… This also explain the 34ish C temperature reading