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NSEC CTF - Using Docker Container for DNS through VPN

Update for 2024
This is now obsolete, thanks for now using Wireguard rather than OpenVPN

This should allow CTF participants to resolve NSEC infra domain names (nsec. and ctf.) All other DNS queries would be sent to CloudFlare DNS Servers ( and

First, clone the repository

Setting up the container

  1. chmod +x nsec-dns/entrypoint.sh
  2. Copy both the team-XXX.ovpn and ca.crt files under the nsec-dns subdirectory
  3. Rename the team-XXX.ovpn file to vpn.ovpn

Running the container

docker compose up --build -d

Working with the container

  • Make sure to point your host DNS to
  • You will need to have a second instance of the VPN connection in Tunnelblick running on the host for routing purposes
  • In Tunnelblick configuration, set the “Set DNS/WINS” to “Do not set nameserver”